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Your healthcare organization is successful. It’s profitable. Your patients love your staff. But, you and your leadership team know you could be doing more and are ready to scale. Here’s the truth. The strategies and tactics that got you here today, won’t get you where you want to go. With more than a decade of experience helping healthcare companies evolve, we built a proprietary five-step growth accelerator process that gives you the communication, technology, and marketing strategies you need to scale with minimal growing pains.

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Our Proprietary Growth Accelerator Process


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Join us each week as our Chief Experience Officer, Daniel Fernandez, leads dynamic, one-on-one discussions with healthcare leaders. You’ll hear about their experiences as they seek to navigate these critical times and shape the future of the healthcare industry. Get behind-the-scenes access to the unique challenges and obstacles facing healthcare leadership today, and learn key strategies these leaders are employing to make their organizations thrive.

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Patrick Daly Sonas Home Health

“What stands out about Symphony is their thoughtful approach. They took the time to understand the goals of our business in a comprehensive and thought provoking way. They aren’t just there to help with creation, they’re thought leaders in every aspect of your business. From technology, analytics, people, and culture — they get it and take the time to understand our challenges.

We needed a partner who understood what we were doing, how we were evolving, where we were going and what would be the best tools to help us get there. Creating a new brand is easy, but transforming a culture isn’t. Symphony has helped us achieve both goals.”

Patrick Daly
CEO Sonas Home Health Care

Let Our Experience Boost Your Bottom Line

At Symphony Agency, we have a track record for increasing all the numbers that matter. That’s one of the reasons Sonas Home Health Care came to us. While they have successfully been in business for more than two decades, we refreshed their brand to make it easier to recruit additional healthcare professionals to their team — as well as modernizing their website for an improved patient experience. 

Sonas Home Health Case Study

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Growth in LinkedIn Sessions

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