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Does the five-step Growth Accelerator methodology work for other industries besides healthcare practices?
Yes. In fact, we’ve helped other service-based companies around the country use this methodology to successfully scale. That being said, the best communications strategies are crystal clear on their ideal target. For us, our background in healthcare is extensive, which gives us an advantage in the communications market, hence why this website is designed 100% to speak to our ideal partner.
Do you have experience working with practices scaling through acquisitions?
Yes. This is one of our specialties. Every scaling strategy that incorporates acquisitions is different because they all have different exit strategies. We work with your leadership team to understand your ideal acquisition target, so that we can craft communications, technology and marketing strategies that will best align with your long term goals.
My executive team doesn’t want to do the workshop — they are too busy. Can we skip it and just start attracting new patients and measuring our results?

No. We understand busy schedules — in fact, we’re happy to do workshops over the weekend if necessary. We have multiple workshop options available to meet all schedules, but unless your leadership team can commit to alignment, we’ve found that no matter how hard we try, the results aren’t the same. Because of this, we no longer build partnerships without this critical step.

Who should attend our workshop?
It’s important that all key leadership team members attend the workshop — as we focus on the organizational vision, how you want it to be perceived by your patients, and how it will be implemented across the company. Aligning your  entire team is one of the biggest keys to your success.
I’ve been burned before. Do you have a customer reference I could talk to before I make my decision?
Absolutely. We strongly encourage due diligence when making a decision to partner with any strategic firm to achieve your goals. If you would like to speak with one of our partners, simply ask.
If it doesn’t work out, do I still own my website, graphics, etc.?
While we hope you never leave, we do believe you should always own all of the work you invest in, including your website, hosting, graphics, Google Analytics, call tracking phone numbers, etc.

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