Growth Assessment

Complete our assessment below and one of our growth experts will reach out to you within one business day.

    1. When was the last time your leadership team met to talk about your growth strategy?

    2. Do you have documented, measurable growth goals in place for your practice?

    3. Do you have your core values published for your staff and patients?

    4. Do you have specific focus areas or specialties?

    5. Do you use a patient management system or EMR solution?

    6. Do your patients most often complete their paperwork online before the appointment or at the office with pen and paper?

    7. Do you have a measurable marketing plan?

    8. Do you know what types of patients bring in the most revenue for your practice?

    9. Do you know how many new patients you need per month to reach your revenue goals?

    10. Do you know your lead acquisition costs?

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