Online Appointment Scheduling

Importance of Online Appointment Scheduling

A recent Stax Inc. study commissioned by Healthgrades, found that about 80% of patients prefer a physician who offers online scheduling, across both primary care and specialist physicians. The patients who most prefer online scheduling book more appointments (for themselves and others) and tend to be younger, more affluent, and higher-educated. When given a choice between […]

Critical Considerations Covid-19 Patient Experience

Critical Considerations in Your Covid-19 Patient Experience

The challenge of a global pandemic like Covid-19 has impacted most in-person businesses, but perhaps one of the most surprising impacts has been in the patient experience arena. People around the country have reported being fearful of visiting their local healthcare practice because of the perception of a higher risk of infection in a medical […]

ADA compliance

ADA Compliance: Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

In the past four years, there has been an explosion of lawsuits around what is a surprisingly contentious topic: whether privately owned websites offering business services on the web are required to conform to technical guidance around web accessibility, and what it means to be ADA compliant online. So, what is ADA compliance? Countless opinion […]

holistic technology

Transforming Your Website With Holistic Technology

Think about your website for a minute. When a visitor wants to engage with your business, what digital options do they have — and more importantly, what happens after they exercise those options? For the vast majority of sites out there, the answer to the first question is to submit a contact form. The answer […]

Small Business Growing Pains

How to Overcome Small Business Growing Pains

Editor’s Note: This article was originally featured in EDGE Magazine, a publication featuring entrepreneurs and business professionals collectively collaborating to empower and support like-minded professionals. With the constant focus on growth in business, it’s easy to become so fixated on increasing revenue that you overlook the internal changes that need to occur to support that […]