Lauren Keel

Project Manager

Lauren Keel grew up all across the eastern United States — from Ohio to Florida, South Carolina to Florida again, a blip out west in Arizona, New Jersey, and back to Florida for the win. After graduating with a degree in Advertising from the University of South Florida, Lauren developed her expertise in the logistical side of the field with operations, administration and planning.

As Project Manager at The Symphony Agency, Lauren combines her love of structure and distaste for the unknown to oversee the planning, implementation and tracking of both external projects and internal processes and initiatives. Prior to joining the Symphony team, Lauren garnered experience in both project and account management from her previous roles in pharmaceutical marketing and traditional, integrated advertising.

There’s a reason she can’t stay away from Florida for too long. A devoted fan of the ocean, you can find Lauren somewhere near it in her spare time; whether that be boating, fishing, swimming, or just staring lovingly at it. Fittingly, she lives on the water in Gulfport.

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