Brand Building to Attract Ideal Customers.


ASI is the leading provider of home and flood insurance in the United States, and as a subsidiary of Progressive Insurance, they are rapidly expanding to all 50 states. The ASI Marketing Team reached out to Symphony in order to expand their social media marketing presence, however they quickly realized there were many other arenas to partner on, including branding, market research and website design.


  • Branding
  • Content
  • Market Research
  • Social Media
  • Website Design


To develop a set of brand standards that all employees could follow to create a consistent look and feel, and to implement a social media and content marketing strategy to establish the brand as an industry leader in the insurance field.


Starting with a market research project, Symphony collected the data to build brand standards and a social media strategy that would attract new agent partners. The team then implemented a social media campaign providing educational content to ideal agent partners.


Equipped with brand guidelines and insights into their ideal agent partner, ASI implemented the new set of standards to ensure brand integrity was a constant during their expansion. These standards were also implemented across social media platforms, establishing an easy-to-recognize brand presence and increased user-engagement.

Market Research Campaign.

To attract new agent partners, it was important that ASI had an understanding as to what their current partners needed and expected. To gather this information, fifty top-performing partners were selected nationwide to take part in market research surveys and in-depth interviews. The goal was to learn about their demographics and content consumption patterns.

The Agent Survey.

Develop an online questionnaire and gather demographic and professional history information. The survey was distributed with a unique link embedded in an introductory email to each participant.

The In-Depth Interviews.

Once the questionnaire was completed, Symphony scheduled a phone interview. The goal was to identify perceptions, opinions and attitudes about the insurance industry, ASI, and how they consumed digital content.

Market Research Results.

From the data collected, our team designed and developed a new content marketing platform and campaign for ASI to use in attracting their ideal agent partner.

Agent-Focused Digital Campaign.

To increase brand awareness on a national scale, the Symphony team developed and implemented a content and social media marketing strategy targeting the ideal ASI agent partner.

The ASI Agent Hub.

The Symphony Agency developed a content marketing platform to house our agent-centric articles and infographics. Utilizing the WordPress content management system, we designed and developed a custom, responsive blog at

Agent-Focused Article Results.
“Why You Should Consider a Career in Insurance”
730 Page Views

153 Shares on Facebook

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