Event Management System with API Integrations.

NOVA 535

NOVA 535 is a premium event venue featuring gorgeous interior and exterior spaces, world class service, and flawless event coordination. Because of their reputation for event excellence, they’ve run events for national brands including Red Bull, Bacardi, CBS, and many more.

As the size and complexity of their events grew, owner Michael Novilla needed a way to centralize management of these events. The event data lived between multiple disparate systems, with some of it often siloed in Office documents on individual event coordinators’ computers. Additionally, there was no cohesive customer process, as their website simply passed event information requests via email to a single inbox.


  • API / Business System Integration
  • Website Development


They had a CRM, but the rest of their business processes were sequestered in stand alone files using spreadsheets and email. They worried about onboarding time for a new system, as software adoption combined with new processes can be slow in an organization, and is often met with resistance. They needed the system to not only provide all of the day of details and event coordination, but also assist with the onboarding of new clients and vendors. Additionally, they needed an easy way to integrate initial client information gathering with their CRM.


We created a custom mobile responsive web application which integrates both the CRM, and any needed GSuite documentation into a single, easy to interact with web view. The user experience begins with the RFP, which is posted directly to the CRM and assigned to a sales executive, who has all of the information needed to engage meaningfully with the prospect through the sales cycle. Once a contract is signed, the client gets an account in the web app where they’re able to see all of their event details, timeline, and billing. Vendors all have accounts, and interact with their assigned events, as well as their invoices and any additional gratuities.


NOVA’s clients love their ability to directly manage their events through the web interface. Managing events has become significantly more efficient, reducing both errors in the event planning process, and the amount of labor needed to manage that process. This has resulted in a higher profit margin, and an increase in repeat business from corporate customers. The prequalification process has filtered out many of the low value leads, increasing the quality of the sales pipeline.

Business Integration Improvements

50% Reduction in Event Management Labor

Comprehensive Mobile Friendly Web Application

Because the event vendors and clients engage with the app from their mobile devices, it was important to make sure that the user experience was consistent across all platforms. We utilized Material Design to make sure that the application experience was as easy to use on a phone as it is on the desktop.


Functional Highlights

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