Facebook Ads Tips

Facebook Advertising Tips to Make Your Ads Stand Out

Facebook ads provide a massive amount of data to the user. You can monitor your results in real-time, compare the effectiveness of different demographics, or quickly determine which platform gets you the most cost-effective exposure. You are given vast amounts of resources to enhance the quality of your ad campaign, but there is one thing […]

What is a Good Quality Score?

What is a Good Google Ads Quality Score?

Every paid advertising platform that uses an auction system has to have a way to differentiate between quality ads or keywords. Without a rating system, the auction would allow spots on their platform to be ranked by whoever is willing to spend the most money. While this could be financially feasible for the owners of […]

What is a Good Click Through Rate

What is a Good Click Through Rate?

When it comes to understanding your audience, one of the best ways is to look at the numbers. How many people are visiting your website? How many people are opening your emails? This information gives you valuable data that you can use to make informed decisions that will bring value to your business. But, how […]


How to Create a Marketing and Advertising Plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin Chances are, the sheer thought of creating a marketing and advertising plan brings about instant heart palpitations. This means you’ll be expected to whip out your crystal ball once again and make predictive decisions that directly impact the success of your organization. […]