Facebook cover photo size

Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos

One of the keys to successfully branding your business is making sure that the messaging and images used by your brand remain similar in tone and appearance across the board. This same idea extends to your website, client/patient-facing communications, and social media. While it can be easy to see how social posts can impact your […]

SEO Competitor Analysis

Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a competition. If your website isn’t ranking for the keywords you want it to, then you’re constantly implementing new tactics and strategies to improve your rankings. If you are rank one, you’re constantly monitoring improvements made by the sites rank two and three to make sure they don’t overtake […]

Why You Should Respond to Negative Reviews

3 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Negative Reviews

While it may seem like the easier choice to avoid responding to a negative review, it’s not the smarter choice. Negative reviews have just as much power as positive reviews — if not more — on how consumers interact with your business. When you receive a negative review, a response is required. It is a […]

understanding google search ads

Understanding Google Search Ads

With Google being the most popular search engine (by far), accounting for nearly 2/3 of searches (over 3.5 billion globally per day), chances are you would consider yourself to be familiar with it. Yet, there is so much more going on than meets the eye. Behind every search are real-time auctions for search result positioning […]

Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Marketing Tips for Business Growth

If your marketing seems to have come to a stall and you’re seeing less new patients walk through your doors, you’re probably looking for every tip that can turn the tides. You’ve read every article possible on upcoming online marketing trends, and while you have a strong online marketing plan developed, you aren’t sure if […]


How to Design a Logo

What is a logo? A logo is the visual embodiment of a brand and can quickly tell your customers who you are and what you do. A well designed logo can distinguish your business from your competitors while fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty. What isn’t a logo? A logo is not art. While aesthetics […]

mobile friendly website

Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s no surprise that people are on their phones now more than ever — so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely missing out on a majority of your target audience. But outside of that, there are a surprising number of compelling reasons to update your website if it’s not mobile-friendly. On this blog, we’ll go over […]


Marketing Terms You Need to Know

If you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency, then you know that with the territory comes a myriad of terms that you’re familiar with, but may not completely understand. You’ve heard that SEO is important for your website, but what is it, exactly? That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with these terms so that […]

Guide to Responding to Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Responding to Reviews

When you think about your healthcare practice’s digital marketing efforts, social media, paid search/organic search, and blogging are probably top of mind. If it’s not already, review management should also be a top item on your digital marketing priorities list. This is because reviews are an integral part of your healthcare practice’s marketing efforts. The […]


The 3 Essential Building Blocks of Brand Awareness

Technology advances, new marketing platforms pop up and outdated platforms die out, internal and external strategies adapt and change, but the basic building blocks of brand awareness will always hold true. When it comes to creating powerful brand awareness, it’s all about your foundational communication strategy. So, how do you create brand awareness that really […]