Group of doctors with heart symbol

Healthcare Communications Strategy in 2022

If communication was key before now, then communication is now mission critical for healthcare practices to instill patient and caregiver confidence in 2022. Having a clear and consistent internal and external communication strategy has always been vitally important for a growing practice wanting to scale. The pandemic has not only caused collective fear, but skepticism […]

Company Culture

What Is Company Culture & Why Is It Important?

Once upon a time, people would go to work, perform their duties, clock out, and go home. It was a very clear-cut dynamic that lasted through the ages; an accepted fact of life. No one really ever stopped to question the way things were done, simply because that’s the way they’d always been done. But […]

PR and Marketing

PR and Marketing: PR’s Place in Marketing

Every exec at some point in their career has been sold to by both PR and marketing firms, but what’s the difference — and do they really have to be separated into different disciplines? Furthermore if they can be combined, does PR now have a permanent place at the marketing and communications table? Is PR […]