Facebook Advertising Tips to Make Your Ads Stand Out

Facebook Ads Tips

Facebook ads provide a massive amount of data to the user. You can monitor your results in real-time, compare the effectiveness of different demographics, or quickly determine which platform gets you the most cost-effective exposure. You are given vast amounts of resources to enhance the quality of your ad campaign, but there is one thing it doesn’t freely provide – experience. The blessings that come with working at an agency with clients across multiple industries is that our team is able to see first-hand the patterns of successful Facebook advertising. Through understanding those patterns, it becomes easier to predict what adjustments will get your ads better success.

4 Facebook Advertising Tips to Make Your Ads Stand Out

Our team recently received a question from a large car dealership on how their Facebook ads could be more effective. They regularly share professional-quality images of their luxury vehicles, directing people to their website. Although results are never guaranteed, our team could provide suggestions based on patterns they’ve seen in other ads. Based on that data, they offered three suggestions:

1. Add People

The dealership was constantly using simple product photos. The images gave them credibility, but they lacked authenticity. They lacked what is core to the Facebook platform: people. By including people doing things in your Facebook ads, you can instantly drive performance.

Consumers begin imagining themselves using a product or service when they see someone else using it. Give them a face they can trust or a model they can picture themselves becoming. Next time you have a product shoot, get a number of models involved in your shots. You’ll gain more appealing imagery.

2. Add Personality


Take your imagery as an opportunity to express your brand’s personality. The dealership’s photos communicated little else other than we make quality cars. Nothing from their photos help them differentiate themselves from other car companies (except for the actual design of the car). Get creative and think about how your company could take a photo differently than any other company. Consumers want to identify with products.

The cult-like following of popular brands like Nike and Apple originated from their willingness to express a unique personality behind their brand. If you’re a fun brand, try some humor. If you’re an intelligent brand, try some illusions. Don’t imitate stock photography, make it your own.

3. Add Movement

Facebook loves video. Thanks to Facebook’s autoplay feature, video engagement rates are generally higher than any other format of Facebook ads. If you know how to grab attention with a video in the first few seconds, then you’ll have an opportunity to more effectively sell your product.

Video gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience more intimately than still photos. Use video as an opportunity to experience your product. Allow the viewer to know how it feels to use it. Authenticity is great, and while you don’t need a TV commercial budget and production set, your handheld iPhone video probably won’t cut it either. Any good videographer with mad editing skills can help your product look the part and make the sale.

Next time you make a Facebook ad, try out these tips. The best step forward is to keep experimenting. If you feel like you’re taking a risk with an ad that might be taking your brand in a unique direction, use a smaller budget and target audience to test it out.

4. Add Height

Facebook Ads Tips - Add Height

Vertical ads are the latest craze to Facebook advertising and constantly evolving. With options to appear in Facebook stories, Messenger, and Instagram, vertical ads are an excellent opportunity to properly engage your prospective clients. Facebook allows you to create vertical alternatives to your media to incorporate into your existing ad campaigns. Cropping your images to fill the screen is okay, but often that can ruin the ad because it doesn’t show the full image. Consider creating images and videos that make better use of this screen space.

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