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Creating a plan for your practice can be a pain when you’re solely focused on your patients. Our experts work with you to make your growth goals more achievable.

Creating a 5-Star Reputation

As a dental provider, you care about the comfort and quality of care for your patients. But, did you know that their experience extends past the dental chair? Your online presence is just as important as the encounter you provide in-person.

Our dental marketing agency understands that you have enough on your plate — you shouldn’t have to worry about creating communication strategies for your marketing in addition to caring for your patients. That’s why we talk to you about your goals, values, patients, and more to get a good idea of what you need, then create marketing plans that put you on the path to success.

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What We Can Do for Your Dental Practice

Grow Your Practice

Growing your practice has never been easier. We’ll identify growth opportunities and implement strategies that make scaling your organization a breeze. And, each strategy is built with your values, goals, and patients in mind.

Build Your Reputation

Building credibility with your patients can be easy when you provide quality care, but new patients don’t know you from your competitors. We ensure your brand is perceived the same by everyone — from in-person to online.

Modernize the Patient Experience

The way your patients prefer to interact with your brand is changing — make sure you’re changing with it. We analyze the habits of your new and existing patients to determine the best ways to communicate with them.

Measure Your Results

Results aren’t achieved when you set it and forget it. That’s why we monitor your progress, test new theories, and adapt your strategy to ensure you’re getting the most from your healthcare marketing plan.

How We Do It

Just like there are many ways to care for your teeth, there are different ways to develop a brand that is both trustworthy and resonates with your patients. That’s why our marketing initiatives always begin with getting to know you and your needs. From there, we can begin creating strategies that move you forward toward your growth goals.

Getting to Know You

First and foremost, we want to get to know you, your practice, growth goals, values, and perspective on who you are and where you see yourself going. This helps us create a plan for your future.

Developing a Plan

We’ll create a strategic plan for how to meet your growth goals. From refreshing your brand to boosting your reputation, we’ll identify key performance indicators you need to achieve along the way.

Monitoring Your Progress

Measuring your progress is only half the battle. We’ll continue monitoring your growth journey and adapt your plan as goals change to ensure you’re always working towards the next objective.

“What stands out about Symphony is their thoughtful approach. They took the time to understand the goals of our business in a comprehensive and thought-provoking way. They aren’t just there to help with creation, they’re thought leaders in every aspect of your business. From technology, analytics, people, and culture — they get it and take the time to understand our challenges.

We needed a partner who understood what we were doing, how we were evolving, where we were going, and what would be the best tools to help us get there. Creating a new brand is easy, but transforming a culture isn’t. Symphony has helped us achieve both goals.”

Patrick Daly

CEO Sonas Home Health Care

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