Modernizing Home Health Care with Digital Marketing

Sonas Home Health Care needed to unify their message strategy and develop a brand that patients and caregivers could trust. We developed and implemented a marketing plan that achieved their goals.

Campaign Results

  300% Growth in Website Traffic

  50% Increase in Phone Calls

  83% Growth in LinkedIn Sessions

Our Role

Content Marketing

Paid Advertising


Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Goals & Challenges

Today, Sonas is one of the largest home healthcare providers in Florida. However, not that long ago, the organization consisted of four individually successful home health care companies operating independently with separate brand identities. With a new CEO at the helm and a passion for growth, these independent teams were ready to make the changes necessary to reach their goals, but they needed a unified branding identity to get there.

Developing a New Brand Identity

We developed a new brand identity that incorporated color elements paying homage to the four original brands. To build credibility through consistency, we created brand guidelines with detailed instructions as to how the brand was to be communicated across platforms. From outdoor signage and interior design to website and email communications, we integrated their new visual brand identity into every platform and touchpoint to support company wide adoption and new cultural initiatives.

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Modernizing the Patient Experience

We evaluated their existing patient journey, including quantitative and qualitative data collected from Google’s suite of online tools and user experience surveys conducted online. We built and designed the Sonas website to attract the patients they wanted to reach — incorporating custom photography and videography throughout the site to better connect with potential patients. It was also critical that it loaded lighting fast and was easy for patients and caregivers to navigate.

Attracting New Patients

To help attract new patients, we developed a multi-faceted campaign across various digital channels. We produced articles monthly that would help to answer patients’ most pressing questions. Video allowed us to capture the connection between caregivers at Sonas and their patients. Then, we helped to amplify these stories through YouTube campaigns, social media, and email channels.

attracting new caregivers

Attracting New Caregivers

We developed a comprehensive campaign that included paid channels — such as Indeed, Google, and LinkedIn. We worked with the Sonas team to custom develop a pre-hire caregiver quiz. If applicants passed the quiz, they continued through the vetting process. Once an applicant was hired, they were sent an email with a customized link that would send them to a page on the Sonas website welcoming them to the team.

Results of Digital Marketing Strategies

Through creating a unified message and branding strategy, we were able to improve the reputation of Sonas as a single organization. With four pillars holding up their foundation, they were able to leverage the entire Symphony process to generate an increase in website traffic and build patient and caregiver retention — resulting in more phone calls, better experiences, and improved revenue.

300% Growth in
Website Traffic

50% Increase in
Phone Calls

83% Growth in
LinkedIn Sessions

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