Making Connections to Attract Partners

ASI is the leading provider of flood and home insurance in the Southeast United States, and as a subsidiary of Progressive Insurance, they are rapidly expanding to all 50 states. We built a brand that helped them attract new partners.

Campaign Results

15.6% Increase in Fans on Facebook

120.25% Increase in Engagement on Twitter

57% Increase in Overall User Reach on LinkedIn

Our Role

Market Research
Content Strategy
Brand Development & Design
Social Media Management


Goals & Challenges

The ASI marketing team reached out to Symphony in order to expand their social media marketing presence. However, they quickly realized there were many other arenas to partner on — including branding, market research, and website design. We needed to develop a set of brand standards that all employees could follow to create a consistent look and feel, and to implement a social media and content marketing strategy that would establish the brand as an industry leader in the insurance field.

Attracting New Partners on Social Media

Starting with a market research project, Symphony collected the data to build brand standards and a social media strategy that would attract new agent partners. To gather this information, 50 top-performing partners were selected nationwide to take part in market research surveys and in-depth interviews. The goal was to learn about their demographics and content consumption patterns. Using this information, the team implemented a social media campaign providing educational content to ideal agent partners.


Building a Nationally-Recognized Brand

To increase brand awareness on a national scale, the Symphony team developed and implemented a content and social media marketing strategy targeting the ideal ASI® agent partner. We developed a content marketing platform to house our agent-centric articles and infographics. Utilizing the WordPress content management system, we designed and developed a custom, responsive blog at

ASI-Brand Guide Cover

ASI-Brand 4

ASI-Brand 3

ASI-Brand 2

ASI-Brand Content 1

Syndicated on Social

Equipped with strong content marketing pieces, we implemented a social media marketing campaign utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase national brand exposure, in addition to improving engagement rates and growing the fan base. To help increase campaign awareness, ASI® commissioned Symphony to create a video explaining the importance of smoke alarms and how they save lives by distributing one million batteries per year. This video was shared across all social channels.

ASI-Social Post 2

ASI-Social Post 1

Results of Social Media Marketing Strategies

With more exposure on social media and a consistent brand that was both recognizable and trustworthy, ASI® was able to expand their reach and engage with their ideal partners. By surveying the target audience, we identified perceptions, opinions, and attitudes about the insurance industry, ASI®, and how digital content is consumed. This valuable insight drove the campaign to success.

15.6% Increase in Fans on Facebook

120.25% Increase in Engagement on Twitter

57% Increase in Overall User Reach on LinkedIn

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