Align Your Team

Step 1

Align Your Team

Accomplishing your goals doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Every member of your team is an essential part of your healthcare operations. However, everyone has to row in the same direction if you want to move forward. By designing a collaborative plan, you’re setting up measurable processes and ensuring accountability.

The Growth Accelerator Workshop

Prior to designing your success strategy, we conduct our Growth Accelerator Workshop. The purpose of this personalized interactive session is to create an actionable blueprint to reach your organization’s goals. We’ll work together to determine how you view yourself, how you want to be perceived by potential patients, and create a clear course of action for how to reach your goals.

Align the Vision1. Align the Vision

Your company’s mission has to be more than the paragraphs in your mission statement. To grow, you need your team all on the same page as to what you want to achieve.

Design the Experience2. Design the Experience

The experience your staff and patients have with the organization will radically impact how quickly and successfully you can scale. We’ll help you determine how to get there.

Plan the Perception3. Plan the Perception

Great brands don’t just happen. They are thoughtfully and strategically created to connect with your ideal patients, staff, and other partners.

Set the Goals4. Set the Goals

Wanting to grow is great. Setting measurable goals and timelines to reach them is how successful practices scale.

Growth Accelerator Workshop FAQs

Workshop FAQs

1. Who should attend the workshop?

It’s important that all key leadership team members attend the workshop, as we focus on the organizational vision, how you want it to be perceived by your patients and team, and how it will all be implemented. Buy-in from the entire team is one of the biggest keys to your success!

2. Where is it held?

We’ve traveled to the sunny beaches of California and to skyscrapers in New York City for the Growth Accelerator Workshop. We’ve also done them digitally via Zoom. Workshops can also be held at our headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida. We’re happy to do these however works best for your team.

3. My team is busy helping patients, and we’re not sure we have the time to do the workshop. Can we skip this step?

Unfortunately, no. We understand busy schedules, in fact, we’re happy to do workshops over the weekend if need be, but if your team can’t commit dedicated time to focus on your growth, we’ve found no matter how hard we try, we can’t create the same results so we no longer build partnerships without this step.

4. Is there anything our team has to do to prepare for the workshop?

Before the workshop, we will send you a questionnaire that gathers foundational information about your practice. We also request Google Analytics access, so we can gauge your current digital storefront’s past success. All in all, the pre-workshop work typically only takes about an hour to complete.

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