Attract More Patients

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Attract More Patients

You need more patients and more practitioners to grow, and they must choose you over your competition. But in order to scale efficiently and as profitably as possible, it’s critical that you use your resources wisely. That’s why a strategic healthcare marketing plan is critical to successfully scaling your practice.

How can we start attracting more patients?

We start by evaluating your previous successes and failures to identify easy wins. Then we expand your efforts with tried-and-true strategies we’ve developed over the decades for healthcare practices across the country. We evaluate both traditional and digital marketing strategies but focus on digital — as the investment is pennies on the dollar compared to traditional mediums and the targeting possibilities are significantly superior.

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Marketing Consulting

Designing a successful marketing campaign requires a well-researched strategy for the year ahead, based on data, a detailed analysis of the market, deep dives into what’s been done to date, and an optimized for the marketing budget you’ve set aside. New and improved technological advances in healthcare also need to be vetted and incorporated, to ensure your practice stays at the cutting edge of the seamless client experience. Our dedicated team designs that game plan for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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Paid Digital Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a digital marketing model that puts your ads front and centre when potential clients search for your services online. Best of all, you are only charged when a user clicks on your ad. By the same token, YouTube ads, display advertising and hyper-targeted LinkedIn campaigns provide a cost-effective way to reach your target patients.

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Search Engine Marketing

A significant portion of consumers search online to find local businesses — including healthcare providers. To rank in that search results list, it’s crucial that your monthly SEO strategies are closely aligned with content marketing that’s tailored to that audience, in addition to having highly optimized local listings. There’s a great deal we can do to optimize your practice online, to get potential new patients from your neighborhood, through the door.

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Reputation Management

Your patients are talking about you online — and what they are saying is impacting your reputation and your online visibility. In fact, a recent survey found that 69.9% of people consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important. But to create one is a strategic choice that requires proactive planning and constant monitoring.

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Social Media Marketing

The power of social media as a communications platform is undeniable. Having an active social media presence shows your patients and staff that you care about communicating with them on their terms. From Facebook to Tik Tok, each platform offers a unique opportunity to amplify your message.

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Email Marketing

Your email database is one of the most effective, but often underutilized, communication tools for your practice. Sending emails with appointments or scheduling reminders improves practice efficiency. Creating educational emails increases patient retention by building long-lasting relationships as you stay in touch between appointments.

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Website Conversion Optimization

Once you have more than 5,000 visitors to your website in a month, there is enough data to begin a detailed analysis of how visitors are utilizing your website. We use this information to find opportunities to improve usability and increase the number of people who will contact you or perform another key conversion activity.

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Traditional Campaigns

Although digital marketing campaigns often have higher investment returns, we utilize traditional marketing and advertising tactics when a specific message or audience calls for it. From direct mail and billboards to media buys, such as TV and radio, we partner with you to create measurable traditional campaigns.

Symphony has an awesome, fun and highly skilled team. I highly recommend using them for your marketing and web design needs! They are very attentive and patient and I am having a great time working with them!

Jenni Rose
Practice Manager at The Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center

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