Measure Your Results

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Measure Your Results

When you first establish your company’s goals, it can look like a steep mountain to climb. However, breaking everything down into manageable tasks makes the process easier — and allows for each of your team members to do their own part. It also holds everyone accountable and measures the health of your business every step of the way.

How To Accurately Track Results

By tracking results, you can identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions, and locate opportunities. And, this data can also be used for your ultimate goal — improving the patient experience. Tracking gives you the insight you need to move forward and grow your practice.

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Call Volume

How many phone calls does your organization receive every month and when? Is the volume constant or does it ebb and flow? Are there patterns in the volume data that could help you create strategies such as extra staff during peak call hours to reduce hold times and increase customer satisfaction? Knowing the answers to all of these questions is essential in order to track and increase your conversions.

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Website Traffic

Studying website analytics will give you a clear picture of what content is working — and converting leads — and what is outdated, irrelevant, or a waste of space. To make your business grow, you need to understand how website visitors are interacting with it. How did they get to the site? What are the keywords they searched for? What is the route of the user journey through the pages and services on your website? How many of these visitors converted into direct contact with your team? All of this information is essential to optimize your marketing strategy.

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Form Submissions

Once upon a time, giving out your email address was a good way of getting people to contact you. Today, it’s a recipe for spam and email worms. Form submissions remove these obstacles and allow you to keep track of legitimate contacts, make your site look professional, and keep information secure. In addition, they streamline the patient experience, since users can contact you directly from the website.

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Other Tracking

In addition to the other resources, there are performance management tools — such as regularly solicited customer satisfaction surveys, online reviews, and business intelligence software — to provide accurate insight into your business performance. These additional resources will allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to improving future marketing efforts.

Progress-Tracking Tools

24/7 Tracking Dashboards

24/7 Tracking Dashboards

24/7 dashboards provide around-the-clock real-time reporting of your website’s performance, including the returns of organic marketing campaigns and leads driven by paid advertising. They are also a platform for tracking all of your leads in one place and help prevent any from falling through the cracks — regardless of whether they are form fills, phone calls, or online chat boxes.


Call Tracking Software

While websites are an invaluable tool to bring in patients, inbound phone calls are still a primary source of high-quality leads. With call tracking software you can assign a phone number to each marketing campaign, to help determine what’s generating the highest number of calls, what you should do more of, what can be improved and what can be turned off. This software also plays an integral role in determining how many calls are from new patients, existing patients or are spam. It facilitates regular spot checks on call quality and can form an integral part of training, to improve how your team communicates. Beyond that, it can be configured to ensure that every missed call is returned and no lead is lost. It will also equip you with crucial insights, such as who called but didn’t ultimately make an appointment, and why.

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