Modernize the Patient Experience

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Modernize the Patient Experience

Utilizing what we learn from the Growth Accelerator Workshop, we determine what day-to-day operational processes need to evolve to prioritize the patient experience and improve your overall efficiency to scale. Traditionally, the healthcare industry has been slow to adapt to trends in technology. However, implementing innovative practices makes it easier to coordinate care, saves time for your patients as well as your team, and streamlines follow-ups.

How does modernizing a medical practice work?

We start by looking for immediate opportunities to improve patient data security and eliminate manual data entry, as these two things will be make or break for your practice as you scale. Then we evaluate your website and it’s functionality, to ensure it is enhancing your current patient experience, as well as performing well on mobile and within search engines to attract new opportunities. From there, we create a comprehensive plan with measurable goals and start the implementation process.

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Technology Consulting

To truly create a comprehensive modernization plan, our technology consultants will evaluate your operational processes, software solutions, and security protocols. They will identify the opportunities for max impact and collaborate with your team to create a hassle-free implementation plan.

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Middleware Development

Only 1 in 5 healthcare practices have systems that work seamlessly together. Custom middleware can act as a translation layer allowing your systems to talk to each other. API integrations mean that your HR software can talk with your EMR, and both can send and receive data to your website, creating a secure digital communication layer

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High-Performance Website

Did you know that three out of five people will choose one provider over another because of a strong online presence? Your website has to quickly communicate your expertise, be easy to navigate, load fast, and work well on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. If it doesn’t, you are decreasing your brand’s credibility

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Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is a lot more than just being modern — it makes it easier for patients to plan ahead, provides 24/7 accessibility, helps fill gaps between existing appointments, and decreases the workload of your administrative team. It’s convenient, efficient, and gives your practice a competitive edge.

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EMR Integration

Protecting PHI is critically important, and your website can become a vector for insecure transmission of sensitive information. EMR integrations allow for secure point to point communication of new patient data by either using an API integration with your EMR provider or by linking to a patient portal instead of traditional web forms.

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American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

The ADA requires websites accessible to those who are visually and hearing impaired. While finalized guidance from the government is still undetermined, website accessibility is being litigated in courtrooms, with many companies shouldering the cost of defending lawsuits. Get ahead of the curve with a site built to account for accessibility needs.

The Symphony Agency did an incredible job building our two businesses websites from scratch. The time and care they put into understanding each business is truly reflected in the details and overall image of the site. I would highly recommend them to new businesses.

Jamie Brown
Product Development Partners

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