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The Healthcare CEO Podcast

The Healthcare CEO Podcast offers exclusive insights into the challenges, opportunities, and future of healthcare executive roles as the industry evolves. In each episode, Daniel Fernandez — healthcare leader and patient experience advocate — leads dynamic one-on-one discussions with healthcare executives, consultants, and other industry experts sharing actionable insights and unique perspectives into a day-in-the-life of a healthcare CEO.

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Organic Search vs Paid Search Ads

Organic Search vs Paid Search Ads

When using a search engine to research a topic or to find a product or service, it’s important to know the difference between an organic post and a paid search ad. One has been molded through the time-consuming content building process (SEO), while the other is created to convert traffic quickly. To understand the difference […]


4 Mobile UX Mistakes That Are Killing Your Conversions

We get it. You’ve been told that if you don’t add the latest, greatest marketing tool to your website, you’re losing conversions. You calculate those numbers into dollar signs and panic ensues. Now you’re website is full of forms, pop-ups, chat widgets, and more — it’s a veritable conversion playground! But, the months go by and […]

Healthcare Communications Strategy 2021

Healthcare Communications Strategy in 2021

If communication was key before 2020, then communication is now mission critical for healthcare practices to instill patient and caregiver confidence in 2021. Having a clear and consistent internal and external communication strategy has always been vitally important for a growing practice wanting to scale. The pandemic has not only caused collective fear, but skepticism […]


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