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Healthcare Podcast

Our Healthcare Podcast is Coming Soon

As we work together to improve the patient experience and grow your business, our leadership team will soon be launching a podcast series. Stay tuned for interviews of CEOs and healthcare consultants from across the country, who will be sharing their insights on what it takes to successfully scale a practice. We’ll also be focusing on what the future of healthcare looks like for you and your patients.


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Alt text for social media

Alt Text for Social Media

The World Wide Web has become a cooking pot of information. That’s why it’s important that users are able to find what they need easily. But, not every user digests information the same. Those who are visually impaired use voice readers to listen to the content on the page. This — among other reasons — […]

What is a Good Click Through Rate

What is a Good Click Through Rate?

When it comes to understanding your audience, one of the best ways is to look at the numbers. How many people are visiting your website? How many people are opening your emails? This information gives you valuable data that you can use to make informed decisions that will bring value to your business. But, how […]

holistic technology

Transforming Your Website With Holistic Technology

Think about your website for a minute. When a visitor wants to engage with your business, what digital options do they have — and more importantly, what happens after they exercise those options? For the vast majority of sites out there, the answer to the first question is to submit a contact form. The answer […]


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