Facebook Marketing Agency

Gain a Following With Facebook

According to Facebook, 75% of all users visit the page of a local business at least once per week. And, with so many users on Facebook, it’s one of the best places that businesses can virtually connect with their customers.

That’s why it’s crucial that you put your best virtual foot forward and curate content that is both on-brand as well as relevant to your audience. Users visit your page to find out information about your products and services, hours of operation, reviews, and more. By building a page that mimics the exceptional experience they’ll receive in person, you’ll build your credibility and boost your reputation.

Benefits of a Facebook Marketing Agency

As the second most downloaded app on mobile and as the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook offers a community where your customers (new and existing) can connect with your business. We’ll help you market to them by:

  • Setting up your profile
  • Bringing your in-person brand online
  • Creating profile and cover photos
  • Inputting your company information
  • Maintaining your information
  • Scheduling posts that entice engagement
  • Managing reviews
  • Teaching your team how to respond to comments

Facebook Marketing Services

Account Setup

Creating an account or updating an outdated account can be an overwhelming step. We’ll walk you through it and ensure that your profile features important info, such as:

  • Your business hours
  • Your contact information and address
  • Your branding and imaging

Social Optimization

The key to developing a brand on social media is consistency. We’ll ensure your branding matches and create posts that are engaging to your audience, including:

  • Posts about your products and services
  • Quotes and holiday-themed posts
  • Contests and other engaging posts

Account Management

As your business changes, these updates should be reflected on your website and social. We’ll make sure your social media reflects the most accurate info, including:

  • Hours of operation
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Branding
  • General company information
  • Products and services

Social Crisis Management

Facebook is a productive platform for building communities, but sometimes bad PR can have you in the middle of a social nightmare. We’ll guide you through it by:

  • Helping you respond to negative comments
  • Curating content to address the issue
  • Implementing online reputation management tools
  • Hiding reviews (if necessary)

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Facebook makes it easy to communicate with your existing customers and find new ones. Contact our Facebook marketing agency to leverage your social media.