What We Do

We build stunning marketing and technology solutions.


Since the inception of The Symphony Agency, analysis has been the cornerstone of success for our clients. With an intense focus on return on investment, all campaigns are constantly reviewed, optimized and evaluated to identify opportunities for growth and increased performance. The Symphony teams use this information to continually update and enhance strategies therein improving results.

Lead Tracking.

Every customer has an origin story. By studying consumer behavioral patterns, we can assess new opportunities for increasing conversions and determine which promotional strategies are most effective in driving new business.

Conversion Rate Optimization.

Website traffic is pointless if users don’t become customers. Tracking user conversions and identifying opportunities to increase the percentage of visitors interacting with your campaigns, is an integral part in turning traffic into customers.

A/B (Multivariate) Testing.

The key to successful campaigns is fine tuning for lead generation. Our teams create multiple versions of a campaign and analyze what layout, copy, images, and other variables lead to the highest rate of conversions.

Experience Optimization.

When a digital campaign is launched, specialized software tracks how users navigate the platforms. Our teams then identify opportunities to decrease bounce rates, improve ease-of-use and optimize, according to the analysis.